John Wood DL

Director – Group Corporate Services

John Wood is the Director – Group Corporate Services at Liberty Engineering Group Pte Limited UK, a large industrial group with a heritage in commodities, manufacturing, engineering and finance. John has over 40 years of experience in the metal processing and engineering industries and is also a Member of the Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining. John is a Chartered Engineer and a Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands.

‘As the Group Corporate Services Director, I oversee Liberty Engineering company’s group services including group contracts, HR, insurance, property, marketing, office services. My job is brilliant because of the variety of what I do, such as leading on a range of projects, which recently have mainly been company acquisitions. It is also immensely satisfying to have the opportunity to shape the future.

‘Being a business in Sandwell has so many advantages, from location to the unique local work ethic, and the wide range of business support services. One of the reasons that I became a Sandwell Business Ambassador is because I believe that local businesses should engage with, and support, the development of the local community as a location of choice for businesses, and I want to be involved in making that happen.’


Ambassador has worked with:

  • Liberty Engineering Group Pte Limited
  • Caparo Industries Plc
  • IMI plc
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