Melvin Wingfield


Melvin Wingfield is the Director at A&M EDM Limited, a precision engineering company that supply customers in the aerospace, automotive, defence, Formula 1, marine and production automation sectors. Through combining traditional engineering principles and techniques with the latest machinery from 60 CNC machines, A&M manufactures high value components from metal or composite materials to exacting customer specifications.

‘As a director at A&M EDM Limited, I am responsible for a range of functions such as Finance, HR and Procurement to name a few. As the business is evolving into a more formally structured company, it is rewarding to be part of a business that is providing a socially useful outcome through producing both a public good and employment.

Being a business in Sandwell is rewarding for a number of reasons, such as being a part of a tradition stretching back to the start of the industrial revolution. The notion that we have benefited from standing on the shoulders of giants who conducted their businesses in this area gives a purpose other than the profit motive to what we do. Sandwell has a talent for self-deprecation but the area is faced with a range of challenges which could result in two outcomes. The one I envisage is for Sandwell to be a thriving part of the Greater Birmingham conurbation based on its history, tradition and landscape. This is one of the main reasons I became a Sandwell Business Ambassador, I feel that I can add a working class perspective to the debate about the importance of business to the area.   Sandwell has an opportunity to recreate something useful from the wreck of the deindustrialisation policy adopted by previous governments, I want to be part of that process.’


Ambassador has worked with:

  • A&M EDM Limited
  • De Monfort University

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We aim to encourage Sandwell businesses to thrive by supporting and growing existing local businesses through providing a voice to the council and wider business community.

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