Sarah Onions

Assistant Managing Director - Skills and Apprenticeships at Sandwell College

“There’s an immense pride in the Black Country region, and a real energy and drive to improve and create. It’s a mindset that makes me really optimistic about what we can achieve.”

Sarah Onions is Assistant Managing Director – Skills and Apprenticeships at Sandwell College, the largest provider of study programmes in the West Midlands for learners aged sixteen to nineteen. Sarah heads up the employee engagement team at the college, whose collective task it is to partner with local businesses and help them with recruiting, upskilling and retaining staff, while addressing sector skill shortages.

It is the latter aspect of her role that Sarah is keen to bring to her work with the Sandwell Business Ambassadors.

“Previously I worked in recruitment, which I loved, but ultimately I wasn’t able to support businesses if the candidates weren’t available. Alongside my team at Sandwell College I am now able to give solutions to the skill shortages we’re all facing – for example, by supporting businesses to take on apprentices, offering the training and development of staff, and facilitating the short-term placements of students for the benefit of learners and businesses alike.

“As a Sandwell Business Ambassador I would like to form links with key businesses in the borough and help them to grow regional skills and wealth for the benefit of the whole West Midlands.”

To learn more about how Sarah and her team can help your Sandwell business, view the Sandwell College Employer Guide. You can get in touch via the Employer section of the Sandwell College website.

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