Our Purpose

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors (SBA) programme was launched in March 2016 with the aim of determining how to utilise the strengths of local strategic businesses, by acting as advocates to support the borough in its ambitions to further develop its business base. All of the Sandwell Business Ambassadors are passionate about communicating just what Sandwell can offer.

As successful business people themselves, the Sandwell Business Ambassadors want to cultivate a thriving business base through supporting the borough in a number of different ways.


The primary objectives of the Sandwell Business Ambassadors are to:
• Be the voice of Sandwell businesses, ensuring they are heard by the Council and that information is fed back to them in a relevant and timely manner
• Represent Sandwell businesses in the wider community
• Improve the lives of Sandwell residents through engagement with schools, promoting opportunities and instigating initiatives to bridge skills gaps